About Us & Drysure

Where does the Shoe Dryer by Drysure come from

Drysure came to life from a need to dry boots fast, without heat, electricity or batteries.


The idea to design Drysure Boot and Shoe Dryers was first had in Kitzbühel, Austria after a day of Extreme weather change from -18ºC to +4ºC and as a consequence there was quite lot of perspiration especially. The thought of having to put wet Ski Boots on in the morning was not nice one so the brainstorming started. 

So how do you dry boots without heat, electricity or removing the liners?

After much research and development, Drysure is here to dry your footwear 12 times faster than traditional air drying. They are the ultimate footwear dryer for the active person.

It is so important to remember that foot care has large implications on your everyday activity. 

Do you suffer from cold feet? It could be because:


Wet feet loose heat 25x faster than dry feet"

The average person sweats between 3-6ml per boot per day and if this is not dried out each day then it builds up and up. This build of sweat if not dried out turns your boots into two things:

  • 1. A breeding ground for dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli, Meningitis, Klebsiella due to the perfect conditions of "Moisture, Heat & YOUR FOOT which combined with a little bit of outside bacteria is just perfect. 
  • 2. A PUDDLE ... Yes, the moisture doesn't dry out inside the boot due to lack of airflow. We have tested wet ski boots in a controlled environment to see how much moisture dried over night without any drying apparatus and the results were that only 2% of the moisture dried. 


      So moisture is a real PROBLEM especially when you consider that wet feet to loose heat 25x faster than dry feet.


      Using Drysure will not only dry your boot properly but it will restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi in your boot and shoes. You will start to notice a difference not only in the Smell/Odour but with your feet too. They should become less itchy, the skin will be healthier.


      Drysure is not just about drying shoes and boots, it is about improving your footcare. 



      Talking about Drysure at the Home Business 100 Event sponsored by Vonage UK

      James Robbins, Founder, Managing Director.

      James has had a passion for skiing and all outdoor sports since a young age. After 4 successful years of running a hotel in Morocco James moved back to the UK to pursue his own ventures as well as work with other start ups from initial idea generation to launch and beyond. DRYSURE’S first thought came on a holiday in Kitzbuhel with his wife, and after some market research he realised that the existing market offering was limited to electrical and unportable products so he embarked on the DRYSURE journey.





      Drysure Outdoor Limited
      C/O Haggards Crowther,
      Heathmans House, 
      19 Heathmans Road, 
      SW6 4TJ


      Drysure Outdoor Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales with registration number 09480861

      Drysure Outdoor Limited is VAT Registered GB 214 0564 46

      For those that would like to know more about our Patent Status then please do contact us as we would be delighted to let you know.