What Makes Drysure Boot & Shoe Dryers Better?

Drysure came to life from a need to find a solution to drying wet footwear without heat.


No Heat or Electricity

With Drysure you are able to dry your footwear Anywhere, Anytime. You do not need to worry about finding power sockets or batteries again.


Improve Personal Hygiene

By using Drysure to dry your footwear you will reduce the bacteria and fungal growth within your footwear.


12x Better than Normal Air Drying

The High Gloss Voronoi Outer Shell combined with the Silica Oxide Beads improves the airflow thus improving Drysure's Drying Performance.


Long Lasting

Drysure Extreme can absorb up to 10 days of sweat and moisture before needing to be re-activated. Drysure Active has 7 days.


Quick Drying

Dry your running and cycling shoes in as little as 4-6 hours. Ski Boots and Motorbike boots will dry over night.


Dry Properly, Dry Safely

Drysure allows you to safely dry your footwear without heat which can cause damage. Great for leather boots & golf shoes.

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Drysure Boot Dryer

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The boot dryer from Drysure is a new and innovative boot dryer which is perfect for drying ski boots. They dry boots fast and will keep your boots fresh.

DRYSURE EXTREME - Andean Toucan Green
DRYSURE EXTREME - Andean Toucan Green
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A video review from Terry at Ski Bartlett

Terry at Ski Bartlett has created a small video review of Drysure Extreme Ski boot dryers.

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