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Golf365 Review

Golf365 Review

Matt Cooper from leading golf website, Golf365.com put our Drysure Active shoes dryers through their paces, here's what he had to say:

"As the weather turns really nasty and we prepare for cold and rainy days on the course few things chill the golfing heart like wet feet.

And it’s not just because you leave the course having had one bad experience, there is also the dread of what happens next.

Who hasn’t thrown his or her shoes in the boot and forgotten about them until the next round, suddenly discovering that they haven’t (surprise, surprise) dried properly and know you have to not only repeat the wet feet exercise, but you’ve accidentally made it worse?

Or you do remember they needed drying and spent time packing them with old newspaper which soaked up some of the damp, but not all of it?

Or you whacked them in front of a fire (or even just a warm place) and when you retrieved them there was a marked change in appearance, perhaps fit, possibly even performance?

Or they re-emerged dry but smelly?

All in all, turning wet shoes into dry ones has been a hassle.

Not any more; there are no more excuses.

Drysure’s brilliance is not that it is effective (it is), but that it is so simple. Silica oxide beads in a bean bag are placed inside a foot-shaped holder and absorbs moisture from the shoes.

There is no need for heat, which can wilt the shoe, and no need for power either, so you can travel with them and also keep them at hand for immediate transfer into the shoes.

You get about six to ten uses of the Drysures and then there is a straightforward re-activation process using the oven.

One of the simplest golfing gadgets we’ve tested and one of the very best."

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