How to dry wet running shoes and walking boots

How to dry wet running shoes and walking boots

Many of us have all been caught out by the rain in the past I'm sure, whether it be running to and from work or having a lovely weekend of walking and hiking in the countryside for it to be ruined by wet weather.

One of the biggest casualties of this is that your footwear will get wet and the ability to dry your running, golf, cycling and walking boots is made much harder in summer if you have traditionally dried your footwear by the radiatior*.


Drysure in On Running Shoes

For best results we advise the following:

  1. Remove your insoles and custom orthotics if you have them.
  2. If the shoes and boots are completely wet through then best to soak up and squeeze out as much of the the puddling loose water as possible.
  3. Put a pair of DRYSURE into your shoe or walking boot and leave them to dry.
  4. Put them inside in a dry place and they will be dry in as little as 4-6 hours but soaked shoes will take longer and you will be required to reactivate sooner.


IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT                     



DRYSURE dryers are 12x more effective at drying shoes & boots than air drying, plus they have the added bonus of actively reducing bacteria which significantly improves the smell / odour of the shoe.

They do not use heat, electricity or batteries to work and because of this they allow you to dry anywhere anytime without having to worry about finding a plug socket or not. 

The fact that they do not use HEAT is so important as artificial heat will damage natural leathers and fibres and reduce their life span which is worth thinking about if you have pair of leather boots like Dubarry, or leather golf shoes like Lambda Golf . 


Depending how wet your shoes are they could take from as little as 4-6 hours to dry out or upto 24 hours but as soon there is no more moisture to absorb they stop drying and then become the perfect shoe tree and storage companion. 


DRYSURE's will absorb approximately 10 days worth of moisture if used to absorb sweat. You will know when they need reactivating as your shoes and boots won't be dry the next morning. To reactivate it is very simple:

  1. Put them in a dry place on a window sill in direct sunlight - advised if you do this frequently.
  2. Put them on a radiator.
  3. On top of the boiler or in an airing cupboard that is warm and dry.
  4. Or for full reactivation - put them in an oven at 110 degrees celcius or 230 degrees fahrenheit for 1 hour and then leave in dry place for 1 hour to cool down. 

Look after your footwear - Dry with Drysure - No Heat, No Wires, No Fuss!


  • Do not apply heat from hair dryers, radiatiors or open fires as this is incredibly bad for your footwear and will over dry them.

  • If you have been doing a Tough Mudder or another Obstacle Course Race then you will have very muddy and soaked shoes which in the past have been incredibly difficult to clean and dry. The best thing to do is wash all the mud off the shoes and pour/squeeze/soak up and out all of the excess water from the shoe and then pop a fully activated pair of Drysure in the shoe and leave them for approx 12 hours and they should be perfectly dry the next morning.
  • * WHICH I might add that at Drysure HQ we do not recommend at all, as it is bad for your footwear as it helps grow more bacteria and fungi which make your shoes smell worse





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