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Golf365 pick Drysure as the perfect Christmas present

Golf365 pick Drysure as the perfect Christmas present

What do you get the golfer who has everything? A pair of our Drysure Active shoe dryers of course ... 

Following the product review of our Drysure Active products with Golf365, we make their list of the perfect Christmas gifts for golfers. 

Read more below and click here to read their full Christmas gift guide. 


Golf365 Christmas Gift Guide: Find the perfect present


There are few things less fun after a wet day on the course than dealing with your shoes because who has ever found a genuinely good way of getting them dry again?

Old newspaper leaves them damp, putting them in a hot place often leads to damage, and who hasn’t forgotten they were wet and discovered them in a terrible mess a few weeks later?

Drysure’s brilliance is not that it is effective (it is), but that it is so simple. Silica oxide beads in a bean bag are placed inside a foot-shaped holder and absorbs moisture from the shoes.

There is no need for heat and no need for power either, so you can travel with them and also keep them at hand for immediate transfer into the shoes. You get about six to ten uses of the Drysures and then there is a straightforward re-activation process using the oven. Simple and effective.

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