Drysure Active reviewed by MTB LAB

Drysure Active reviewed by MTB LAB

Drysure shoe drying inserts and are meant to be used in footwear overnight to facilitate proper drying and deodorizing. They’ll not only reduce odor and absorb wetness and control bacteria, but they will increase the longevity of shoe since moisture and bacteria wrecks havoc on the materials and construction of them. Unlike other boot dryers that require batteries or a power supply for functionality, the Drysure technology and design need no electricity, making it portable and safe to use anywhere.

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Drysure utilizes moisture-absorbing silica oxide beads encased in a breathable bag surrounded by a plastic shell frame that assists with airflow. The bags will absorb moisture for 7-10 uses before needing to be reactivated, which is easily accomplished by placing the units directly in the sun or an oven at around 212°F. Drysure is 12x more effective at drying than normal air drying so use them for your damp footwear in your locker, the back of your vehicle, your gym bag or cycling duffle.

The average person sweats between 3-6ml per boot/shoe per day, and if not dried out it can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli, Meningitis, and Klebsiella. This combination of moisture, heat and your foot along with outside bacteria and the lack of airflow cause these issues. Using the Drysure system will restrict the growth of bacteria and fungi in your footwear by effectively removing moisture.

They make two versions: the Active model (which we tested) retails for $32.73 and is meant for regular low top shoes while the Extreme model retails for $39.29 and was designed for ski boots and high top hiking boots. You can use Drysure for just about any footwear that gets damp or sweaty, including those meant for cycling, running, training, golfing shoes, hiking, work, skiing, etc.

Since the Drysure design requires no plugs, batteries, electricity or heat to operate, you toss them into your footwear for them to work. Since they’re incredibly useful at drying, it only takes 4-6 hours to dry cycling and running shoes, while the taller ski and motorbike boots will need an overnight standing to be completely dry. After complete drying, your shoes will be odor free and dry, with improved hygiene and reduced bacteria and fungal growth issues.


Remove the Drysure inserts from their PVC pouch and slide them all the way into each of your shoes and leave them in for at least 4-6 hours. If your shoes are exceedingly wet or damp, then let them sit overnight for a complete drying out. The Drysure inserts will begin their work to absorb sweat, moisture, and odor naturally, and when the process is done you’ll have a nice dry and stink free shoe. After 7-10 uses its time to reactivate the silica oxide beads in the main bags. Remove the inner bags from the outer plastic shells and place the bags in direct sunlight or your oven at 100°C or 212°F. When not in use place the Drysure units back into their PVC pouch. With proper care and storage, the Drysure inserts are reusable and will last many years.


After a bike ride, I’d jam them into my shoes and let them sit overnight. Supposedly, they’ll dry the shoes in about 4-6 hours, but I never tested that, since I’m not usually riding twice in one day. I have stuck them in my shoes after they got pretty soaked in a rainstorm, though it wasn’t so awful that I had to pour water out of the shoe before using the inserts. The next day the shoes would be dry and odor free, well at least the shoe odor never reached any high level of stinkiness, just a mild freshness. According to their instructions, you are supposed to place the Drysure inserts back into their PVC pouch after usage since I assume they’d absorb the moisture in the air? Due to the extreme dryness of the Colorado air, I sometimes just left them in the shoe until they’d be required again, meaning they always sat in my shoes. The only come in one size, so if you have small feet the plastic frame might be too long to fit into the shoe properly?

Once the drying process no longer becomes useful, which is usually after 7-10 uses, its time for a reactivation. I always just tossed them up onto my trucks dashboard, so they’d get some direct sunlight, and that would put them right back to a full charge. According to the manufacturer, reactivation can be done by three methods (no microwave):

  1. Put bead bag on a warm radiator, under car heater or other heating devices
  2. Leave in direct sunlight
  3. Remove the outer shell and put the bead bags in the oven at 212ºF (100ºC) for 1-2 hours.

I never performed the oven or heater methods, as a good Colorado sunshine will heat up and dry anything.

Besides removing the moisture from my cycling shoes and decreasing the odor, they help increase the longevity of the shoes, at least internally. All that sweat and moisture and bacteria break down the materials and substructure at a faster pace within the shoe, and although the outside might be getting abused, at least the inside fares better.

Bottom Line

The Drysure shoe inserts are a complete portable drying system, that combat moisture and kills odor in your footwear, and prevents the buildup of harmful bacteria and fungi. It uses moisture-absorbing silica oxide bead bag encased in an innovative foot-shaped plastic shell form that easily slides into the shoe. It does a beneficial job of drying and removing odor and can be used multiple times and reactivated when needed by warming in the sun or an oven.

Besides not requiring any heat or electricity to function, they’re safe, were designed to target moisture laden toe and heel areas, will last many years if used correctly and will dry and deodorize your shoes!

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