Review of Drysure Extremes By Open Snow, USA

Review of Drysure Extremes By Open Snow, USA

Drysure has been reviewed by OpenSnow which was created by a team of local weather forecasters who are life-long skiers and riders. This is what they had to say about Drysure:

When you ski or ride a lot of days, your boots will get damp, and they will eventually smell. At least, my boots smelled.

Of course, I tried to prevent this from happening by taking the liners out of the shells and airing them out. And also by plugging in heating devices that I placed in my boots to dry them out. Both of these methods do work, but simply air-drying the liners can take time, and also, I would rarely have my boots in a place that was close to a plug, so using electric heaters wasn’t always convenient.

In January 2018, Drysure emailed me to ask if I could test their non-electric boot dryer. I was intrigued. Damp or smelly boots is not my biggest problem, but if there was a product that would help, and that I didn’t have to plug into an outlet, well, I wanted to know more.

Here’s what they look like:

Here’s how you use them.

1) Place them in your boot. Moisture is absorbed by the Silica Oxide beads.

2) Remove them when you want to ski.

Here’s how they work.

1) The beads absorb moisture, much like the little packets that come in a jar of pills or a box of clothes.

2) After 10 uses, the company recommends that you “re-activate” the beads by placing them on a hot radiator, in direct sunlight, or in an over. I put them in an oven for an hour and that worked nicely.

Dry Drysure in the oven

More details about how to use and reactivate the beads:

I look at the Drysure boot dryer as a good maintenance product to use when your boots are damp and need some help drying out and to keep them from smelling.

If your boots are soaked, and you absolutely need them to dry in a short time (8-10 hours, eg. overnight), I would still recommend getting an electric heating device to be sure that your boots are completely dry.

But, for a non-powered product, I think that Drysure does a good job, and it is a worthy addition to my gear list.

Link to the product:

- Founding meteorologist at

Joel is the founding meteorologist of OpenSnow and has lived in Boulder, Colorado since 2003. Before moving to Colorado, he spent his childhood as a (not very fast) ski racer in eastern Pennsylvania.

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