The Telegraph feature Drysure in best Christmas gifts

The Telegraph feature Drysure in best Christmas gifts

We're delighted our Drysure Extreme boot dryers feature as one of the best presents for skiers and snowboarders this Christmas - as selected by The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Magazine. 

Here's what they had to say ... 


Drysure Boot Dryers


Dry damp ski or snowboard boots anywhere, any time, without the need for electricity or removing the liners.

Made from moisture-absorbing silica oxide beads surrounded by a shell that helps air flow // Can be used for 10 days before reactivating by removing shells and warming in an oven for an hour or two // Can also be dried more slowly on a radiator or in sun // Shaped for efficient drying at heels and toes // Work 12 times faster than air drying alone // No-heat reassurance for drying boots with heat-moulded liners // Help keep boots smelling fresh as bacterial growth is less likely in dry boots. 

Click here to check out our Drysure Extreme colour range and click here to read the full gift guide. 

Drysure Extreme Boot Dryers

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