Awarded "Gear of the Year Award 2017" by 50 Campfires

Awarded "Gear of the Year Award 2017" by 50 Campfires

Drysure Extreme and Active Dryers have been awarded the Gear of The Year Award by 50 CAMPFIRES.

This is what Nick and the 50 Campfires Team had to say about Drysure:

One of the lessons we learned this year is once you travel with boot/shoe dryers as of your basic essentials kits - you'll never want to be without them again. The difference between pulling on damp, clammy boots or shoes in the morning versus fresh, dry footwear can set the tone for the entire day. And when have limited vacation time, you don't want to risk any.

Drysure works anywhere. You simply put them in your boots and go to bed. in the morning, they've sucked the moisture from your footwear so you'll have happy feet. You stow them and move on to your next location. They are proven to be 12 times more effective than air drying along, while requiring no heat or power source of any kind. Just recharge them in an oven every half dozen dryings or so. They can be reused to dry boots hundreds of times.

In addition to providing the comfort of dry footwear, they extend the life of expensive boots by many times. They work in any kind of footwear from ski boots to hiking boots to trail shoes.... to even your work shoes. That makes Drysure and optimal piece of town to trail gear, which is what we love most!

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