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Bike Radar Recommends Drysure Active

Bike Radar Recommends Drysure Active

Our Drysure Active shoes dryers are great for cyclists, helping to dry out wet, damp sweaty cycling shoes after a commute to the office or a long weekend ride. 

Here's what the team from leading cycling website Bike Radar had to say after taking Drysure Active for a spin...!

"If you're fed up with whiffy wet shoes, the Drysure shoe dryer might be right up your street ... 

"There’s nothing worse than slipping into a pair of damp shoes that haven’t quite recovered from a previous soggy ride. Not only do they feel unpleasant but there’s the smell as well.

"Drysure has come up with a solution in its shoe and boot dryers, which uses highly absorbent desiccant silica gel (the kind you find little bags of in new purchase from electronics to leather) rather than heat, designed to facilitate air flow.

"The dryers are claimed to be 12 times more effective than normal air drying, while hindering bacterial and fungal growth that causes the smell."

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