Parallel Trails boot room review

Parallel Trails boot room review

BBC Journalist Ben Moore has travelled extensively around the world, reporting from the Skiing World Championships and working a winter season in Les Gets. 

As a passionate skier, family man and dad of two - he also writes his own family ski blog Parallel Trails. 

Ben took a pair of our Drysure Extreme boot dryers with him on his latest trip to the Portes du Soleil in the French Alps. Here's what he had to say ...

"Sometimes when you go skiing you end up in a place that doesn't have a really effective boot room. In the past the option was to balance your boots on top of radiators and hope for the best the next morning.

How about investing in a pair of Drysure Extreme boot dryers instead? These brightly coloured, boot shaped products do not use batteries, electricity or heat to dry your ski boots. And they're compact enough not to take up loads of room in your boot bag.

Inside the Drysures are specially designed silica oxide bead bags which target areas like the toe and heel where sweat and moisture builds up - helping to reduce bacterial and fungal growth which improves the odour. The guys behind their clever design believe they are 12-times more effective than air drying.

And they are reusable and should absorb up to 10 days' worth of moisture before needing to be fully reactivated (which is a simple process of taking the bead bags out of the plastic casing and heat them in the oven for one to two hours). You can ensure they work at maximum potential by storing them in the resealable pouch to stop them absorbing moisture from the air.

Parallel Trails tested out a pair of the Drysure Extremes on a recent trip to the French Alps. Leaving them overnight (the instructions suggest eight to 10 hours) in a pair of ski boots, in regular room temperature, worked an absolute treat. The next morning there was no trace of any residual dampness from the previous day's ski. Impressive stuff.

And with the two younger members of the Parallel Trails' team - Seb and Ollie - training once a week at their local dry slope, we can see a year-round need for the Drysures. Whether it's the slope misting system or typical English rain, the boys often come back from training with wet boots. Usually their boots sit out by a radiator for most of the following week, air-drying in room temperature. But after their last session, we used the Drysures on one pair of boots and the next day we were able to bag up the boots.

We think for just under £30 the Drysure Extreme are a worthwhile investment if you are a skiing family. You'll use them more than you think as they can be just as effective in walking boots or trail running shoes. You can order them direct from the Drysure website" 

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