Nordics respond as leading distributor partners with Drysure

Nordics respond as leading distributor partners with Drysure

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Response Nordic AS, a leading distributor of strong sporting brands across the Nordic and Benelux markets.

Response Nordic share in our passion for sport distributing GoPro in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg and also Volcom, Alpinestars, Armada Skis, Nitro Snowboards and other brands in specific geographic areas – with Drysure the latest addition to their sporting goods family.

Our Founder, James Robbins says, “The Nordics is a major market place for Drysure and we’re excited to be working alongside Response Nordic to expand the reach of our products into new regions and new sports.”

Paul Fredrik Berg, Sales Director & Brand Manager for Response Nordic AS says, “We went through an analysis of over a dozen new brands and Drysure was the standout product. The Drysure Extreme’s and Drysure Active’s are advanced, technical, efficient and something the entire family can use.”

Paul continues, “In the Nordics we’re into the outdoors and Drysure is a product that fulfills a lot of important needs. Because Drysure doesn’t use electricity or require power, that’s a big benefit. The products can be used instantly, are mobile and dry footwear in a gentle way that won’t damage insoles or liners.  It’s a product we can sell all year round. Drysure just as good in summer and winter.”

Response Nordic have already placed products with high street retailer XXL in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Austria. Products will also be disturbed to key alpine stores throughout each country in addition to established rental stores in the Norwegian mountains.

As part of the agreement, XXL will be receiving a special shipment of Black and Green products – the two core colours of the Nordic retailer.

James says, “It’s an exciting chapter in the Drysure journey. We see huge growth potential in the Nordics and Response Nordic are the perfect partner to help us realise that potential.”

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