Top tips to improve your golf game

Top tips to improve your golf game

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We can’t guarantee Drysure will improve your performance on the course, so we spoke to an expert for some advice…

Nigel Turner is the resident Golf Pro at Fulwell Golf Club in London, a course he has called home for more than 20 years. Having started out at Lindrick – a former Ryder Cup course - Drysure caught up with Nigel ahead of the 2018 Ryder Cup to gain some insight and top tips on how to reduce your handicap and improve your golf game…


Wearing golf shoes that have strong grip and feel comfortable is vital when it comes to having a good swing. What you wear on your feet affects your stance, and in golf, everything starts from the feet up.  Your feet provide a foundation for your swing. Maintaining your grip through decent footwear, will ultimately enhance your golf shot.


A good grip will help improve your shots. Gripping the club in a natural handshake position will help to keep the club face square during impact and improve your accuracy. To check this, take your grip on the club then lift your hands up in front of you and see if you feel you’re in a shaking hands position and have a square club face.


Always practice using alignment sticks to make sure your body is lining up properly and introduce good habits. When the alignment is out, people tend to compensate with the swing and steer the ball in the direction of their target.

One stick should be used to help you go through the ball to your target line, and the second should be placed in front of your feet so your body is parallel to your target line. If you don’t have alignment sticks, you can use clubs from your bag as markers. Working on alignment in practice will help you get into good habits to help bring that handicap down.

Weight transfer

When you take your stance and you look down on the golf ball, imagine its sat at 12 o’clock on a clock face and then place your feet pointing at the eleven and one, this helps to allow your hips to turn back and through during the swing aiding weight transfer and gaining power.


Always try to feel your weight is on the inside of your right foot (right hand golfer) during your back swing. If your weight is on the outside of the right foot it will either mean you have swayed or not transferred your weight correctly in the back swing.

Follow through

To help you feel your body gets through the shot when following through, throw a tee peg on the ground just beyond the golf ball, then when you swing imagine you’re trying to catch the tee peg with the club head as well as the ball, this encourages the weight and body to go through the shot.


To keep your golf shoes dry, check out our Drysure Active range, the perfect companion for your golf bag and a perfect gift for any golfing enthusiast.


Nigel Turner



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